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If I only knew she was like this.

 I only wanted one child, why is she pressuring me?

 He is always flirting with those women.

 He just won’t

marriage, what will your issues be?


Do you know how to handle issues with children,
finances, sex, or in-laws?

Do you know how your partner will deal
with issues of 

religion, entertainment, sports,

Do you know how your partner will
respond to stress, depression, anger, or fear?


 If you answered “No” to at least
one of the questions, 

then you need to contact

Breakthrough Counseling Education
immediately for more information.

We will help to
empower you to BREATKTHROUGH before it


are some of the questions that should be discussed before walking down the
aisle. The success of your marriage may hinge on your decisions to deal with
issues such as communication, parenting, leisure time, family of origin,
spirituality, and conflict resolution. 
all the tremendous amount of time you have put into your wedding, it is even
more critical that you make time to prepare for your life together by exploring
your relationship at a deeper level so that your marriage could last forever.

 Let us

Counseling Assessment

Counseling Education Center is passionate about preparing couples to have a
successful marriage! We provide you with a Premarital Counseling Assessment
that you can take online. This assessment will help you to have an objective
view of your strengths as a couple primarily before your wedding, as well as
after marriage. In addition, we will help you determine any areas of growth in
your relationship AND build skills to resolve difference. The assessment is NOT
designed to determine whether or not you should get married or indicate whether
or not your marriage would be a success or failure. Instead, the assessment is
a wonderful tool that helps to get to the bottom line so that you can begin to
deal with differences in your expectations, family backgrounds, and personality

Counseling Sessions

addition to the comprehensive feedback resulting from the assessment during our
8 session program, also you will receive skills to deal with potential issues
regarding communication, finances, sex, personal stress, commitment, and more!

  • Our
    program is SHORT, BRIEF, and VALUABLE!
    There are only 6 sessions and 1
    initial session, each session will last up to 45 minutes.
  • Each
    session is designed to meet YOUR goals and needs as a couple.
  • Upon
    completion of the sessions, you will be awarded a premarital counseling
    certificate and will also receive a DISCOUNT of $32.50 off of your marital
    license when you present the certificate to the court clerk prior to
    purchasing your marital license.
  • In
    addition, the 3 day waiting period will be waived!