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Divorce or Separation is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences that a couple can go through.  This is especially horrifying when children are involved. Parents often wonder if the divorce will “mess-up” their child.  Two main questions are “What are the long-term effects and will my children suffer greatly because of the divorce?”  The answer to these questions of suffering and negative effects of the divorce truly depends on the way the parents handle the situation.

Many parents choose to “play it by ear” and make guesses as to how to handle the many nuances of divorce.  The Children In Between program is a powerful class that aids parents through the difficult process of co-parenting.  The facilitator provides guidance on how best to navigate the waters of co-parenting.

No parent is perfect!  

Divorce doesn’t have to mean your child will be “messed up”.

The Children In Between classes allows parents the opportunity to restructure their lives and make the proper adjustments needed to best help their child thrive through this change.  Although you may no longer be married, you remain the parent.  You must focus on creating a new normal and define your “family”.

Children In Between is a Co-Parenting class for Divorcing/Separating parents.  It is a live and interactive program where real issues are addressed.  The In-person classes allows you to ask questions and get answers.

Who is this class for?

  • Divorced parents
  • Separating parents
  • Parents who simply would like to learn how to co-parent or
  • Parents who may also need to satisfy the 4-hour court requirement


  • Better prepared to know what to expect
  • Learn skills to handle difficult situations
  • Guaranteed Court Acceptance:  The Children In Between program fulfills the requirements regarding divorce education for parents.
  • Reasonable Cost:  $70/person
  • 4-Hour class in one-day

Course Features

Children in Between is a scientifically proven to ensure that you learn the skills necessary to make divorce easier on your children.

TV Screen

Video Scenarios

We use a variety of platforms to address various situations.  Videos are used that reflect common co-parenting problems and then see different responses that produce positive and negative results.

Question mark

Guided Questions

After each video scenario, CIBO presents the user with guided questions to explore how each problem can be addressed, and to increase your understanding of the situation.

Reinforcing Quizzes

Reinforcing Quizzes

At the end of each chapter, you’ll have the opportunity to reinforce what you’ve learned by taking a quiz. Quizzes help ensure that you’ll be ready to handle situations in the future.


Skills Practice

You can spend time practicing and refining your skills in our Skills Practice section – meant to increase your confidence in the skills taught in CIBO.