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Our goal is to help family members to identify and resolve the challenging problems that keeps them stuck and from experiencing the loving bond that is desired.
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Dr. Sheila Davis

Sheila Davis, Ed.D, M.S., LMHC, NCC, CAP, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and owner of Breakthrough Counseling Education Center, Inc.. She has a passion to help adults, children, adolescents, and women become healthier, happier, stronger, and confident individuals. Her rich personal experiences and extensive educational and clinical background equips her to help children & families and women to BREAKTHROUGH life’s challenges and begin living a satisfying lifestyle

Dr. Nicole Thweatt

Nicole M. Thweatt, PhD, MS, LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor who earned her master’s degree in counseling and psychology from Troy State University and her doctorate degree in general psychology from Capella University. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and Mental Health Association of Central Florida.

Meet Scott Jones, LMHC

My style is active yet empathetic and caring. This process is about letting you explain and me listen while offering suggestions and guidance. Respect of emotions and challenges is at the heart of what I do. If you are thinking about this for the first time, it takes a lot of courage to start this process but believe me you will be grateful you did. For those that have been through this process, it takes a lot of courage to try again but I am determined to be an advocate for your happiness.

Meet Maria C. Inoa, LCSW

Maria C. Inoa, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Florida State University.  Mrs. Inoa’s experience includes providing therapy to children, adolescents, and adults in schools, homes, and office based settings. Mrs. Inoa uses a combination of approaches to help individuals and families come to their desired resolution, with a special emphasis on each individual's’ unique strengths.   Much of Mrs. Inoa’s experience has focused on adolescents and their families addressing issues including ADHD, ODD, academic difficulties, and family conflict.  In addition, Mrs. Inoa has worked extensively with adolescents and adults suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anger issues, and trauma. Mrs. Inoa feels the therapeutic relationship is essential and excels at establishing this trust early on.

Meet Dossi Toviessi, LCSW

Dossi Toviessi, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical social worker. She has earned her Masters degree in Social work from Virginia Commonwealth University. As well as Bachelors degree from North Carolina Central University. Most of her experience is in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia Metropolitan area. She has been licensed in Florida since 2012. Dossi has experience working with adolescents and adults in Day treatment, Assertive community treatment , and outpatient settings. Including Clinical therapist, Clinical case management, staff therapist, and supervisor. Providing individual and group therapy. Her motivation is being able to help others on their journey towards health and healing.

Meet Annie Richardson, MSW

Annie Richardson is a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, and three beautiful great granddaughters. She loves her family and believes children’s needs precede parental relationships. Her years of personal experience working with her own family and clinical families, has awarded her a rich resource for helping clinical parents and children with conflicts in parenting, marriage, and divorce. Mrs. Richardson’s educational career expands over 30 years of service during which time she earned a Bachelor Degree in Social Work, and a Master Degree in Education Counseling. Prior to earning her degrees, she was awarded a Charge Nursing Certificate from a Nursing Program. Mrs. Richardson is the Co-Parenting facilitator for the Children In Between classes at Breakthrough Counseling Education Center, Inc. This is a 4 hour class for separating or divorced parents.

Why Choose Us

  • We encourage young children

    We encourage young children to use their own creative process through play based therapy to work through their struggles, while working with our therapist to form solutions and new skills.
  • Is there a lack of communication in your family?

    Our goal is to help family members to identify and resolve the challenging problems that keeps them stuck and from experiencing the loving bond that is desired.
  • Couples Counseling Can Help

    Couples counseling provides a couple, whether married or not, opportunities to improve listening and communication skills, intimacy, skills to make better decisions together and address misunderstandings
  • Women Counseling Can Help

    Play many roles as daughters, mothers, grandmothers, spouse, caretaker, and business women. This is what we call "life." It can get overwhelming and easy to loose yourself. If you are ready to overcome fears, mistakes, and obstacles in your life so you can begin seeing yourself in a new way, I am ready to walk beside you and help you conquer those barriers.